CJ Affiliate Versus Four Percent Group

The CJ Affiliate Program versus The Four Percent Group Affiliate Program:

Becoming a CJ Affiliate is going to be very difficult in comparison to starting as an affiliate with the four percent group . To become a CJ affiliate you really need to have a lot of affiliate marketing experience. You will also need to have all the tools and knowledge that comes with many years of training in the industry. The CJ affiliate website even suggests this to everyone thinking of applying to them. They don’t want their visitors under any illusion that its a place for beginners. The four percent group is different.

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How does being an affiliate with Four Percent Group differ to being a CJ Affiliate?

The four percent group is not like the CJ affiliate program. They encourage and welcome complete beginners to their business as well as seasoned professionals in the world of affiliate marketing. This is because unlike the CJ affiliate website you get shown step by step how to become a top affiliate marketer. You can watch a series of training videos in the four percent group back office. They walk you through stages, step by step, in exactly what to do to get yourself up and running and making sales. –  Find Out More Here. Whereas with the CJ affiliate site you get no training what so ever.

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As a new publisher in the CJ affiliate Network, you will have to personally apply to individual advertiser programmes. This is before you can promote their products and services and start earning any commissions. And you will not always be successful. The four percent group is completely different and offers companies that will earn you just as much money, but without the major obstacles that come with being a CJ affiliate.

What you’ll need to be a CJ Affiliate…

Also before you can even start thinking about what advertiser programmes to join, your website (if you have one) has to be optimised. It must have good content that will appeal to not only your website visitors, but the advertisers reviewing your application. If your not already an online website expert, you’ll have no chance of earning any money as a CJ affiliate. If your new to affiliate marketing or have some experience but feel you could learn more, then I strongly recommend you go down the four percent group route HERE.

The four percent group teaches you absolutely everything you need to learn through step by step short video trainings. It also links you with affiliate products that will sell fast. CJ affiliate marketers don’t get this privilege.

The four percent group affiliate products are things which people are already looking for and need. They just point you in their direction. The opposite it true for a CJ affiliate, they are left alone to struggle themselves with no help or direction. They often get rejected by the advertiser programmes and are unable to promote any products or services at all.

CJ Affiliate members are told from the start that they need to know how to:

  • Optimise websites
  • Create Quality Content
  • Create Professional Designs
  • Have Lots of Time to Commit
  • Maintain & Update
  • Build Traffic
  • Be Unique
  • Create Engaging Content
  • Have Professional Websites Running

four percent groupThe four percent group teach you exactly how to do all of this, with step by step training videos. CJ affiliate members do not get any training on any of the above. They have to be professionals at everything before even thinking of joining any advertiser programs with them. However the four percent group offer you the opportunity to just watch their training videos. You can then pause them as you go along, copy what they’ve shown you and continue. This way you’ll become a professional affiliate marketer in no time. Plus you’ll able to create sales with whatever you decide to promote with them.

cj affiliate postThe CJ affiliate publisher service agreement states that, a publisher account that does not generate any “commissionable” transactions for a period of time will be deactivated and a non-refundable £7.50 Dormant Account Fee will be assessed. Moral of the story: don’t apply to be CJ affiliate unless you can generate solid website traffic that will lead to conversions and can commit to your goals as an internet marketer, without any training from them.

Unlike the four percent group they state that unless CJ affiliate applicants have a website that is ready to convert, jumping in with them could end up costing the applicant time and money. So if your not a seasoned professional online affiliate marketer with converting websites and successful optimised marketing campaigns, then I strongly suggest you take a look at the four percent group to view great training videos and give the idea of being a CJ affiliate a miss.

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