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I have put together this blog post so that I can share with you the find keywords website that I always use and very highly recommend. I’ve had lots of people asking me lately for help with keyword research, so I now send them here. The latest person to ask what the best find keywords website is, was working in a niche that I hadn’t a clue about. They were in the “dress” niche. lol. Feel free to stop by my website at

So you don’t just need to just be in the business that I recommend to people to use this great tool.

As you’ll see below, you don’t need to be an expert within a niche to quickly dive into it and find some keyword gems. The reason for this is because…

I use the best find keywords website out there – , and so can you.

find keywords website

You  can register for your free account here too , which I suggest you do right now as it will help you greatly with your online business.

How does the find keywords website work?

I can start by stating that Jaaxy is the only keyword tool you will EVER need. But I do warn you that it is highly addictive. Here’s how I helped the lady in the “dress” niche find her keywords using the jaaxy website.

I typed the word “dresses” in Jaaxy.  Now this is a very broad term so I knew we wouldn’t be trying to get ranked for this word (as it is far too competitive).  However, this was just our starting point for our research.

Here are the results I got from using the find keywords website Jaaxy for this search:

dresses  (too competitive)

dress barn – 209 competition

dress up games – (too competitive)

prom dresses – (too competitive)

dress up – (too competitive)

party dresses -(too competitive)

dresses com – (too competitive)

maxi dresses – (too competitive)

cheap dresses – (too competitive)

bebe dresses – 283 competition

maxi dress – 252 competition

indian dresses – 290 competition

lipsy dresses – 254 competition

dillards dresses 261 competition

There are definitely some terms here that are already under the 300 QSR (competition) mark which is our goal.  Anything lower than this is a good keyword and as this number moves closer to ZERO, the better the keyword.

This find keywords website then allowed me to dig deeper and continue my research from this point onwards. I was able to see if I could find some more relevant search terms with even lower competition.

So I went on to “dig” and find even more relevant, low competition keywords.

The search I did was on “indian dresses” from the list above, and these were my results…

indian fancy dress (138 competition)

indian dresses online (162 competition)

indian dresses online uk (42 competition)

indian dress designs (109 competition)

indian squaw fancy dress (107 competition)

indian print dresses (80 competition)

indian dresses online usa (36 competition)

indian dresses for girls (42 competition)

…and there were several others.

So as you can see I did TWO searches in the find keywords website Jaaxy and I came up with almost 20 low competition phrases. All of which I could easily leverage to get rankings within Google. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that getting rankings under keywords leads to traffic and more sales.

The find keywords website Jaaxy makes it really easy for you to find low competition keywords. You can then use these keywords to write your content online, to help you get ranked in Google. Once you have traffic, you can earn money in MANY different ways, including affiliate programs.

Now if I wanted to sell indian dresses online through affiliate programs or through my own website, I could easily do this as a result of my keyword research.  I could also get ranked and sell advertising, I could even sell my website to someone interested in this niche (there are MANY website buyers out there). All thanks to the find keywords website jaaxy.

Here is some keyword PROFIT math for you…

You can work out the relevance of the traffic you create from your find keywords website…

Lets say the average keyword you chose gets 200 clicks per month.  If you get ranked in the top 3 positions in Google (which is more than possible) under 10 of your 20 keywords. You would be looking at around 600-700 clicks to your website every month.

10 rankings x 200 clicks per month x 30% CTR = 600

Based on the average cost per click, THAT IS OVER $300 (£240) worth of traffic every single month from creating just 10 keyword focused pages of content!  So just imagine if you created 50 or 100 or even 1000!

And you can scale this as large as you want.  There are MILLIONS of keywords out there that are waiting for you to tap into!

Take a Look at this ‘Live’ video recording of me searching Keywords in a different niche. You can see how I use the find keywords website Jaaxy and how powerful this tool really is…

Take a Look at the Home Internet Business that I use Jaaxy with to make my full time income with. You may have already heard about it. Or visit my website for for information and training –

Having Jaaxy is going to truly open doors and at the very least, I recommend that you set-up your very own free account.

==>  Create free account here!

There is a pro version too which is only $19 per month and an enterprise version at $49 per month (for power users).  These should both be considerations if you are serious about keyword research and building a successful business online. Whatever you choose to do, you can see that the best find keywords website out there is most definitely Jaaxy.

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