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Here Are Some Unique Business Ideas That Could Make You Money:

If you are searching the Internet looking for some unique business ideas then you have landed in the right place.

Starting your own business can be a very daunting time for anyone, but if you can sit down and come up with a list of unique business ideas before doing anything else, I’d say that’s a great place to start. Feel free to stop by my personal website too for free marketing tips and advice – www.paul-vickers.com

You want to put your efforts into a business that is going to make you some good money. And not be in a market that is already saturated with other people doing exactly the same thing. You can still be successful in saturated markets, but it just means you’ll have to make sure you’re better than everyone else to succeed!

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By having a list of unique business ideas you will have less competition from the get go and have a better chance of being at the top of your game from the beginning.

OK, so if you have already written down your list of unique business ideas, then well done.

If not, take a look at some of these and see what you think.

A list of Ideas:

The unique business ideas I have listed below range from dealing with head lice through to sipping tea with cats! However, they do all have one thing in common; they’re all real unique business ideas that make money.

OK, So do you have this on your list of unique business ideas ? …

1 – Start your own Internet Affiliate Marketing Business from home.

This is not as difficult as it may sound thanks to The Four Percent Group. You now no longer have to be a computer wiz kid to have your own affiliate marketing internet business. Plus you really can make a lot of money by doing this. There are not many unique business ideas that you can get Free Access too, and that show you exactly what you need to do via step by step short videos. With the Four Percent Platform you just watch training videos and copy what they show you. You’ll then start earning big commissions online, selling other people’s products. So it’s definitely worth taking a look at my number one unique business ideas suggestion.

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So here’s your chance to be ahead of the rest and find out how by clicking HERE. If you don’t want to make money on the internet then take a look below. You will see unique business ideas that I have come across, which you may wish to copy in your chosen country.

Do you have this on your list of unique business ideas ?…

2 – Cat Café’s

This idea comes from Japan where more and more evidence has come to light that spending time with animals is soothing. In cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, cat cafés, which are places where customers can enjoy a coffee or tea whilst petting resident cats, are becoming increasingly popular – so much so that at some cat cafés, reservations are recommended on weekends!

Do you think this might work where you live? This is one of those unique business ideas that is very niche, but its working very well for them in Japan.

Maybe your list of unique business ideas contains this ?…

3 – Head Lice & Nit Removal.

unique business ideas 3We all know that head lice are a problem, and that they are out there… and some of them may end up on your child’s head! Fortunately, there are now businesses that provide head lice and nit removal services. Many parents can find it quite distressing having to remove the head lice and eggs from their child’s head, so there’s a potential market for head lice and nit removal services.

Advertising in Nursery’s across your area is a great place to get yourself known.

Do you have this on your list of unique business ideas ?…

4 – Bedside service

unique business ideas 4Being pregnant can be a physically and mentally exhausting nine months for many women. Hoping to make pregnancy a little easier I’ve heard of a company that provides a wide variety of pre- and post-delivery services, including creating and managing a baby registry, birth announcement, nursery design, diaper delivery service, laundry service and hospital prep.

As well as offering a number of “pampering services,” such as manicures, pedicures and facials for the mother during and after pregnancy. You can advertise your services in anti natal class venue’s and hospitals and start doing home visits to pregnant ladies who’d like some extra help. This is one of those unique business ideas that requires a caring personality.

Does your list of unique business ideas contain this?:

5 – Selling Plastic Wish Bonesunique business ideas 5This idea started with a man becoming frustrated that only two people could make a wish around the Thanksgiving table. He started a company himself making plastic wish bones which look and feel like the real thing.
The company now makes 30,000 wishbones a day, including custom-designed and personal wishbones. Their sales? They earn over $2.5m per year, so I’m sure there’s room for competition. Just find yourself a company willing to make them and package them for you and get selling via the internet or through retail stores.

A simple business that’s making him a fortune, so unique business ideas really don’t have to be that complicated to be successful.

Is this on your list of unique business ideas ?…

  1. Pet rocks

unique business ideas 6After a night on the town with his friends, a guy called Gary Dahl, listened to his mates complain about their pets. He joked about preferring to keep a rock. He later implemented his idea, and although this craze died quickly, he earned $15,000,000 within six months.
This just shows you how the craziest of your unique business ideas, could make you a fortune. That’s if you’re brave enough to just give it a go of course.

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